Taking on the Salt Challenge

Food and beverage manufacturers are faced with the challenge of reducing sodium in products while providing consumers the same taste and quality of the salt-laden products they know and want.

Sodium consumption is dan­gerously high across the globe, putting the population at an increased risk of severe health implications. Regulatory bodies and health officials are tak­ing notice and are starting to push for sodium reduction across the food supply. Considering the fact that salt contributes both flavour and functionality in a wide range of applications, sodium reduction is no easy feat.
In small amounts, sodium is good for the body. Actually, it’s essential, because sodium helps conduct nerve impulses, relax and contract muscles, and maintain the body’s balance of water an minerals. “While sodium is an essential nutrient that affects muscle function and is needed to help control your body’s fluid balance and send nerve impulses, exces­sive consumption can lead to in­creased blood pressure, or hyper­tension and an increased risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease,” says Lonneke Van Dijk, Market Manager Meat, Corbion. ”Accord­ing to the American Heart Asso­ciation, high blood pressure – also known as the silent killer – is one of the major risk factors for heart disease, which is the number one killer worldwide.”

The full article is published in The World of Food Ingredients.

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